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Expert Holiday Gift Tips from Deity Jewels Designer

Expert Holiday Gift Tips from Deity Jewels Designer

Los Angeles based jewelry designer Ellen Sue Ballon of Deity Jewels is a treasure trove of information not only about jewelry design and trends, but also about shopping for holiday jewelry and choosing the best… Keep reading »
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Through jewelry expert interviews, you will learn more about buying and wearing jewelry of all types, from fun and funky costume jewelry to timeless heirloom pieces of classic design. Interviews include experts who are at the cutting edge of jewelry design as well as jewelry artisans who share insight into how unique items of jewelry are made and sold.

Handcrafted Jewelry Interviews

Starting your own jewelry business takes a unique vision, tons of skill, and a bit of confidence. Explore how Matthew South made a name for himself in the jewelry industry with unique bullet art jewelry which encases crystals inside bullet casings. Discover how to turn found objects into jewelry with artist Lynette Andreason who breathes new life into heirlooms. Learn how to take your passion for something like nature and turn it into beautiful accessories like Amy Moore who uses natural materials in her Appalachian art jewelry. Let all of these artists inspire your creativity in producing handcrafted jewelry.

Silver Jewelry Interviews

Although sterling silver and other metals are common jewelry materials, artists show that it can always be used in new and unique ways. Silversmith Elizabeth Rosas designs handmade sterling silver jewelry with a feminine romantic feel. Diane Miller takes a completely different approach and infuses all her sterling silver designs with modern elements like simple mechanics that allow the wearer to interact with the piece. These are just a couple examples of how different silver jewelry can be. If you love creating or wearing silver jewelry, Tarnish Tamer's Marc Rothenberg offers expert tips for storing silver jewelry to keep it pristine over time.

Jewelry Trend Interviews

You can also find some of the hottest trends in interviews with up-and-coming designers, like the unique zipper jewelry trend or how repurposed Barbie parts became incredible jewelry. Jewelry trend interviews include everything from one of a kind designer jewelry to tips on the hottest holiday jewelry and even a peek into recurring trends from the past like vintage inspired jewelry. Stay ahead of jewelry trends by discovering new artists and designers to make every piece of jewelry a statement piece.

Expert Answers to Your Jewelry Questions

Jewelry experts, designers, and artists have the inside knowledge and tips to help you discover a whole new world of unique jewelry. Learn more about giving jewelry as gifts, what goes into making studio jewelry, or how inspirations like nature and religion have manifested into exciting jewelry looks.

Jewelry Expert Interviews