Brunel University Rings: Exclusive Designs for Alumni

Brunel University

Because graduates from Brunel University are proud to call this school their alma mater, Brunel University Rings are a symbol of class ring prestige in many circles around the world.

Brunel University

Started in 1966, this university is located in West London. Around 14,000-15,000 students currently attend the Brunel campus. The university is well known in engineering circles. The university is named after a British engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The residency halls around the university are named after bridges that Isambard Kingdom Brunel built or designed and include:

  • Clifton Halls
  • Chepstow Halls
  • Saltash Halls
  • Fleming Halls
  • Bishop Hall
  • Galbraith Hall
  • Faraday Halls
  • Lacy Hall
  • Isambard Close Flats
  • Lancaster Hall
  • Mill Hall
  • Kilmorey Hall
  • St. Margaret's Hall
  • Stockwell Hall
  • Southwark Hall
  • Gordon Hall
  • Maria Grey Hall
  • Borough Road Hall
  • Ex-RAF Halls

In 2002, press releases read "Brunel University Rings in New Degree". The school launched a degree in mobile phone technology-Britain's first. The school is often on the cutting edge of technology and constantly expanding into new areas.

Brunel University Alumni

There are many was to stay updated on current events at your old school. Brunel offers an alumni website with links to official school merchandise, and information for international students. Connect with current students via the union page, which links to information on polls, local food and pubs, student clothing and media. Keep in touch with old classmates and up to date with current events by registering at the site.

Brunel University Rings

Brunel University offers a unique ring with the university's coat of arms. The ring is only available to Brunel graduates.

About the Brunel Insignia

The coat of arms was fixed in 1966 for the school and was designed with quite a few images that represent the philosophies and beliefs of the school. Because the school was named after a famous engineer and bridge designer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the coat of arms was given a masonry arch. The arch is a symbol of Isambard Kingdom Brunel's bridges that he built and/or designed. A compass and cogwheel are symbolic of technology since the school started as a school focused on advanced technology and that tradition continues today. An ermine lozenge alludes to the coat of arms of Lord Halsbury. Lord Halsbury was the University's first Chancellor. There is also a crest of the swan. The swan is symbolic of Uxbridge, where the university is located. The bridge theme is linked by the mural collar.

The coat of arms is featured on the ring's face along with the words "Brunel University, West London". On the outside of the ring band are symbols that represent the school's purpose and history. On one side, the left side shank, is the Royal Albert Bridge, which Mr. Brunel helped design. The bridge still carries all railway travel into Penzance. Also near the bridge on that side of the ring is an etching of The Great Britain. The other side of the ring, the right side shank, features an etched image of Isambard Kingdom Brunel against a backdrop of chains.

Hidden Codes

Woven into the pictures are hidden messages and codes to be deciphered. On the right side are the letters and numbers:

  • UB8, which is the Brunel University's postal code
  • IKB, which stands for the initials of Isambard Kingdom Brunel
  • UBS, which symbolizes "Union of Brunel Students"

More Words and Symbols

On the left side are the words and symbols:

  • Current year, which represents that year's graduation class. Example, 2007
  • The word "Loco's", which is the name of a local famous pub
  • Moon, for the nocturnal
  • N207, which stands for the night bus from the University of Brunel Campus to Central London and back again


Alumni should contact Brunel University Alumni Relations Department. Whatever the occasion, Brunel University Rings can be worn with pride as a symbol of the prestige and accomplishment of a degree well earned.

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Brunel University Rings: Exclusive Designs for Alumni