Beach Bridal Jewelry: Buy & Style With Ease

Bridal Beach Jewelry

The perfect way to complement a beach wedding is with bridal beach jewelry.

What is Bridal Beach Jewelry?

On a bride's special day, whether it is a formal, traditional wedding in a church or an informal beach wedding, jewelry of different types plays an important part. In addition to the wedding rings which are a symbol of everlasting love, there are many other types of jewelry that will help to make the bride's outfit truly stunning. When a wedding is celebrated on the beach, customized or special beach jewelry can help to make the day special.

Types of Beach Jewelry

Starfish necklace

Beach jewelry for weddings includes all the traditional items of bride jewelry such as pendants, brooches and rings, however these have been adapted to the special needs of a beach wedding.

There are some additional items of jewelry that are suitable for a beach bride and these include items for the feet. In traditional weddings the bride will be wearing shoes that are often hidden under a long gown. When planning a beach wedding many brides opt for bare feet or simple sandals as these are much more practical. This means that ankle bracelets, toe rings or even jeweled 'beach sandals' are all perfect for the occasion.

Beach Jewelry Materials

Beach jewelry is often made from natural materials. This reflects the beautiful setting of the beach and the important part that nature is playing in the wedding. Pearls, shells and even wonderful wooden or nut beads all look fantastic combined with a beach bridal outfit. The organic feel of the jewelry complements the bride's outfit and creates a stunning effect.

Styles of Beach Jewelry

Beach jewelry can be found in a variety of styles. Many artisan created items of jewelry are true one of a kind items and are perfect for a wedding. The styles can be classic and elegant or fun and funky. The choice of style will depend on the overall bridal outfit and the effect that the bride is seeking. If a bride has a long classic wedding dress, hippy inspired jewelry may look highly incongruous, however if her gown is soft and flowing in wonderful colored silks, then ethnic styles may look delightful.

Where to Buy

Although many jewelry stores carry items appropriate for the beach bride, you may also consider specialty or wedding jewelry stores for just the right pieces. You'll find wedding beach jewelry at:

Buying Beach Jewelry for Weddings

Here are some tips to help make the perfect purchase:

  • At the early stages of planning a beach wedding, look through lots of magazines and books. This will help a bride to focus on her likes and dislikes. This will be useful later and can help to save time when on a shopping trip.
  • Setting a budget is useful when shopping for any kind of jewelry and is particularly important when shopping for wedding jewelry for a beach wedding. With so many other pressures on the wedding budget, setting and keeping to a jewelry budget can help to avoid the stress of nasty financial shocks later! Setting a budget is also useful when planning a shopping trip as the bride can look only at items that fall within her price range.
  • While the Internet offers lots of great opportunities to buy jewelry, there is nothing quite like going into a store and looking or touching jewelry. This is useful when planning a beach wedding as the jewelry can be tried against the gown to check that the colors work together or that the styles complement each other. Some stores have special days for brides when it is possible for a bride to put on her outfit and try different jewelry types. This is useful to find the perfect items of beach bridal jewelry.
  • When buying jewelry for a beach wedding it is useful to remember the practicalities. This includes things like how the jewelry is to be carried. It is likely that beach jewelry will be transported to the wedding in a suitcase and therefore very fragile or valuable items might need special arrangements.
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Beach Bridal Jewelry: Buy & Style With Ease