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Bracelet Charm Tips for Gold, Snail & Pearl Pieces

Gold Buddha, another unusual charm

There are many different types of bracelet charm. Gold, pearl, snail shaped beads and other interesting embellishments can all provide exciting alternatives to traditional charms.

One of the joys of a charm bracelet is that it can be completely custom made to match the personality of the wearer. Someone who enjoys traditional styled jewelry can pick charms that reflect this, such as birthstone charms or initials. Whereas someone who prefers contemporary styling can opt for a modern charm bracelet such as a bracelet with Italian charms, jelly charms or a beaded charm bracelet. What ever the style, charm bracelets allow a person to create their own unique item of jewelry. Charm bracelets are particularly suited to someone with eclectic tastes as a wide range of different types of charm can be mixed together to make a particularly striking piece of jewelry.

Unusual Bracelet Charms

There are many types of unusual bracelet charm. Gold, pearl, snail or other interesting shaped beads can all present an exciting opportunity to create a unique style of bracelet. Other types of charm that can have a meaning as well as look stunning include:

  • Profession - charms that reflect a person's profession can make very relevant bracelet charms. A small stethoscope for a doctor or chef's hat for a cook are examples of how charms can be chosen to match a profession.
  • Interests and hobbies - another interesting form of charm is a charm that illustrates a person's interests and hobbies. These might include a ball of yarn and knitting needles for someone who enjoys knitting, garden tools for a keen gardener or a soccer ball for a soccer fan.
  • Animals - charms that are created in the form of animals or insects can also make fun and relevant charms. Cute snail charms, for instance, are perfect for someone who enjoys snails. There are many different styles of charm that well suited to someone with cats or dogs. A charm that is shaped in a the style of a favorite breed of dog or cat would be perfect for a pet lover.

Buying a Bracelet Charm

Bracelet charms can be purchased from a wide range of stores. Traditional jewelers sell a wide range of charms. Gift stores and even stores specializing in fashion accessories sometimes also sell bracelet charms. When buying a bracelet charm there are a few points to consider:

  • Fitting - not all bracelet charms fit onto a bracelet in the same way. It is important to check before buying a charm that it will fit the bracelet. This will help to avoid disappointment.
  • Materials - some cheaper charms are manufactured from base metals. While these may be coated with paint or enamel, this may wear thin over time. Some base metals can cause skin allergies therefore it is important to know what metal a bracelet charm has been manufactured from.
  • Returns - if a charm is being bought as a gift, it is a good idea to check the store's return policy. Some stores will allow gifts to be returned or exchanged. This means that the charm can be returned or exchanged if the charm isn't the right style.

Looking After a Bracelet Charm, Gold, Pearl, Snail or Other Styles

All charms look their best when they are clean. This means that they are kept free from dirt and grease. A regular clean with a lint and acid free cloth will help to keep charms in top condition. It is also a good idea to keep charm bracelets in a jewelry organizer when it is not being worn. This will help to keep it free from damage.

With so many unusual styles of bracelet charm, gold, pearl, snail or other styles means that a very personal piece of jewelry can be created that is unique to the wearer.

Bracelet Charm Tips for Gold, Snail & Pearl Pieces