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Bottle Cap Earrings

Bottle Cap Earrings

Over the last two decades bottle cap earrings have increased in popularity and design styles. The idea of using bottle caps to create earrings grew in the mind of artist Remi Rubel in 1986. It was then that she began turning old, unwanted bottle caps into unique jewelry pieces.

Signed Earrings by Remi Rubel

Remi Rubel always believed in reusing and recycling as much as possible. It was this belief that led her to earn the name of Bottle Cap Queen for recycling discarded beer and soda bottle caps in a way that no one had ever thought of before. Each bottle cap became a tiny work of art as Remi skillfully applied her artistic vision to transform the old metal bottle tops into beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Many of Remi Rubel's signed bottle cap jewelry designs are available at Audacity Designs. The types of jewelry available include:

  • Dangle earrings
  • Two bottle cap earrings
  • Three bottle cap earrings
  • Single dog earrings
  • Single cat earrings
  • Pins
  • Bracelets
  • Collars

Basic Earrings Made From Bottle Caps

Wearing your favorite brand of beer or soda on your ear can be a great conversation starter. The basic style of earrings is simply made by putting a hole into the top center of the cap and inserting a jump ring into the hole. The jump ring is then attached to a small length of chain with an earring hook on the other end. The hole can easily be made by using a hammer and nail, a drill or pointed knife. When you wear this type of earring, you are proudly telling others that you enjoy a certain brand of beer or soda.

Pictures Inside Bottle Caps

One of the most popular styles of earrings made from bottle caps involves inserting tiny round pictures inside of the bottle caps creating tiny picture frames. The pictures are then covered with a type of resin, preserving them for the future. Earrings of this type that are most highly in demand are those with pictures that include:

Bottle Cap Earrings

Hand Painted Earrings

Another very popular earring style made from bottle caps are miniature paintings that the artist paints on the outside of the metal cap. These tiny works of art range from abstract paintings to detailed scenes. Some of the more popular subjects of this style include popular movie scenes, paintings of dogs or cats, and miniature artistic renditions of the beauty of nature.

More Earring Types

Pearls and 18K Gold

There are some jewelry artists, such as Robin Martin, that only use part of the bottle cap in their creations. For example, in one of his earring designs a bottle cap was cut in half and used as the earring base. The earring was then hand crafted using 18 karat gold, steel, nickel and pearls.

Miniature Scenes

A different style of earring that some jewelry designers create has miniature scenes or abstract designs inside the bottle caps. The artists use tiny figures from N scale model railroads and the workings from vintage watches.

Punched Earrings

Other jewelry artisans use a machinist's punch to remove certain parts of the bottle caps and set them in sterling silver. By doing this, the artist creates earrings that highlight areas which may have been otherwise be overlooked.

Sticker, Stencil and Decal Earrings

Jewelry makers and those that love crafts often use a simple method of applying pictures to the outside of bottle caps. This is done with decals and stickers attached to bottle caps that have been painted. Others use an air brush or paint brush and stencil designs to achieve a hand painted effect.

Where to Buy Bottle Cap Earrings

Other Types of Bottle Cap Jewelry

Bottle caps are also used to make other types of jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, pins and rings are all skillfully made by artists working with caps. They also create fashion accessories such as neckties, vests, and collars.

Finding Bottle Caps

Jewelry makers that use bottle caps in their designs often ask their friends and family to save their beer and soda bottle caps for them. Some artists can occasionally be found combing through dumps and recycling centers, searching for vintage caps to use in their jewelry creations. Online auction sites offer many selections of new and used bottle caps for artists to use. When traveling outside of the United States, or to different areas within the country, bottle cap jewelry designers search supermarket aisles and flea markets hoping to find unique caps for their collections.


Earrings made from bottle caps are fun to wear. They show that there are different and creative ways to use something that was once considered a useless cast off. Whether you want to make a fashion statement or simply love unique accessories, bottle cap jewelry may be right choice for you.

Bottle Cap Earrings