20 Black Leather Necklaces Designs Worth Buying

Pendant with Black Leather Cord
Shell pendant on a black leather cord.

Black leather necklaces are versatile pieces of jewelry that can be used individually, in layers, braided, or as necklaces for a wide range of lovely pendants and other pieces.

Quality Black Leather Necklaces

Leather necklaces can be easy to find from any discount retailer, but quality leather is more scarce. Before choosing a necklace, investigate it for the following signs of quality:

  • The leather should be supple and flexible without rigid kinks, frays, or cracks.
  • The clasp - often gold or sterling silver - may be a hook or screw design, but it should be fit tightly to the ends of the leather strap and it should fasten securely.
  • The diameter of the leather, frequently measured in millimeters, should be appropriate for any pendant or charm that will be hung from it.
  • The color of the leather should be uniform and not scarred or scratched.

By knowing what quality characteristics to look for in these necklaces, interested individuals can find the perfect design to match their style preferences.

Leather Necklace Designs

The color black is universally neutral and can accompany nearly any attire. The soft pliability of leather is a welcome change from predictable precious gold chains while still being more durable than silk cords. Black leather necklaces are also preferable for individuals with metal allergies, allowing them to have beautiful necklaces without sacrificing style. There are many leather necklace designs, including:

  • Single black cords in a variety of lengths and diameters.
  • Braided or twisted cords that combine multiple leather strips into a thicker, texturized necklace.
  • Short choker styles in thin or braided cords.
  • Thick choker necklaces in a dog-collar design with metal spikes or studs.
  • Thick necklaces stamped or cut with symbols, names, patterns, or initials.
  • Suede leather styles for a soft, gentle texture.


Regardless of the style, the most prominent aspect of the jewelry is its accessories. Black leather cords are frequently used for stunning pendants that can easily be swapped for different designs to accommodate different wardrobes, special occasions, or personal preferences. Popular designs that are often found with black leather necklaces include:

  • Celtic crosses or stylized knots
  • Alphabet block beads for personalized necklaces
  • Crosses in a range of styles and weights, with or without gemstones
  • Dogtag necklaces
  • Pentacles or other wiccan symbols
  • Turquoise stones, feathers, dream catchers, and other popular Native American accents
  • Gothic symbols such as claws, skulls, daggers, dragons, and shields
  • Crystals suspended from the cord or wrapped in leather or metal tendrils
  • Yin-yang pendants or peace signs
  • Chunky bohemian beads and pendants in woods, stones, or shells
  • Western symbols such as horseshoes, cattle skulls, or horses
  • Initials or woven metallic names that may be suspended from the cord or attached to loose leather ends
  • Single charms to represent a profession, sport, hobby, or other individual passion
  • Birthstones or other symbolic gems or charms to create leather mother necklaces

With so many variations possible for simple leather necklaces, anyone can create one or more designs to wear for any event or with any outfit to express their individuality and personal style.

Finding Leather Necklaces

Black leather necklaces are extremely easy to find, but it is important for individuals to first examine the integrity of the merchant to be sure they will receive a quality piece of leather. Prices range from less than $5 for a simple leather cord and steel clasp to $100 or more for a high quality, braided piece with titanium or precious metal clasp. If the necklace comes with an associated pendant, the price will naturally reflect the cost of that accessory as well.

Online retailers offering a range of leather necklaces include:

After purchasing the necklace, it is important to care for it properly to keep it supple and comfortable. Many inexpensive leather necklaces cannot tolerate moisture and should not come in contact with water or worn on hot days when perspiration can affect their durability.

Black leather necklaces are highly versatile pieces of jewelry that can be easily personalized with a wide range of different pendant designs. By choosing a quality piece and caring for it appropriately, an individual can wear leather cords for many different reasons, all of them stylish.

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