Birthstone Chart by Month + Jewelry Suggestions

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A birthstone chart can be helpful for jewelry lovers, casual jewelry wearers, and those interested in purchasing birthstone jewelry alike. Want to find out what the birthstone is for your month? Interested in purchasing jewelry for someone with their birthstone on it? Simply browse the birthstone chart below to match the month and stone, and view a picture of the gem. Find out more about the stones, including colors and setting suggestions, in the information section.

Birthstone jewelry can make a thoughtful and original gift, and wearing a birthstone pendants, necklaces, or rings offers a stamp of originality to your own jewelry. From vintage jewelry selections to modern designs, there are thousands of birthstone pieces on today's market that offer beauty and style.

Birthstone Chart by Month
Month Birthstone Description Picture of Birthstone
January Garnet The garnet is a gemstone that ranges in color from light brown to a deep dark purple. Garnets vary in size from tiny faceted stones to large and dramatic cabochons. Garnets are often set into pendants and rings and look great in both silver and gold.
garnet ring
February Amethyst Amethyst is a type of quartz that is popular for many items of jewelry. Amethyst is sometimes cut into a crystal shape, it is also often found cut as a cabochon or faceted. The colors of amethyst range through a spectrum of shades of purple. Amethyst looks fantastic when set in silver settings and large settings make a dramatic statement.
Amethyst Ring
March Aquamarine Aquamarine is a light blue clear gemstone. It is often cut into faceted shapes which allows the light to reflect through the stone. Aquamarine also looks lovely when cut into beads and makes a striking necklace or earrings. Aquamarine is often found in smaller shapes and sizes as large pieces of aquamarine are relatively expensive.
April Diamond Diamonds are one of the most rare and precious gemstones available. They are found in many different colors and while white remains the most popular, colors such as black, yellow, champagne and pink are gaining in popularity. Diamonds are set into traditional as well as contemporary style jewelry. Diamonds are very expensive but fortunately there are many good substitutes such as cubic zirconia.
diamond ring
May Emerald The distinctive deep green of emerald makes it a popular choice for many types of jewelry including rings and earrings. Flawless emeralds are extremely rare and most affordable emeralds will be slightly milky or have visible inclusions or markings. Emeralds are often cut into square shapes which are known as an 'emerald cut'. Emeralds are almost always set into gold or platinum settings.
Emerald ring
June Pearl Pearls are a natural phenomenon. Starting out as a tiny piece of grit, layers of nacre are formed to create a beautiful lustrous pearl. There are many different types of pearl ranging from affordable freshwater pearls to extremely rare and precious pearls. Pearls can be set into jewelry or worn as a string in a classic necklace style.
Black Pearl Earrings
July Ruby Precious rubies are deep red stones that are typically cut into faceted shapes which emphasizes the clarity and the color of the ruby. Rubies look great teamed with pearls and diamonds and are often featured in top quality pieces of jewelery. Rubies are often set into rings and are a popular choice for many traditional styles.
Ruby ring
August Peridot Peridot is a green gemstone and is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The stone is often cut into both cabochons and into faceted shapes depending on the clarity of the individual stone. Peridot makes an unusual alternative to other more traditional gemstones for people looking for something a little different.
Beautiful green peridot
September Sapphire Traditionally sapphire has been thought of as a blue stone, however it is found in a range of colors. Colored sapphires such as pink and yellow have grown in popularity over recent years and good quality sapphires in all colors are now highly prized and sought after. Good quality sapphires are typically set into gold or platinum.
October Opal Opals are famed for their inner fire. Flashes of color can be seen in opals and this is part of their beauty. Opals are relatively fragile and are best set into heavy settings to protect the stones. They look great when teamed with other gemstones such as garnets. Opals can be set into any precious metal and the choice depends on the budget and style.
November Citrine Citrine is a yellow gemstone that ranges in color from a very pale cream through to dark shades of yellow. Citrine is found in both opaque and clear shades and the stones are cut accordingly. Citrine is also cut into bead shapes, including chip beads, and makes a wonderful necklace for people looking for something different.
Citrine beads
December Turquoise Natural turquoise is a distinctive shade of bluey-green. This is often found cut into cabochon shapes or into beads. When teamed with silver turquoise is hard to beat for style. It also looks great when it is combined with other colors such as pink coral. Turquoise is typically set into 'rub over' settings which protects the stone which might otherwise be prone to damage.
Natural turquoise
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Birthstone Chart by Month + Jewelry Suggestions