Biker Barbed Wire Ring for an Edgy Addition

Barb Wire Ring

Are you looking for a biker jewelry barb wire ring? You can check out a number of rings right here.

What is it about Barb Wire?

Bikers and barb wire just seem to go together. Why is that? There's barb wire jewelry and barb wire tattoos, just to name a few of the ways some bikers like to work this motif into their look.

Maybe it's because barb wire is so tough, just like those who like to wear it in one form or another. It's strong, and it has its sharp edges. It can be shiny and new like the fenders on a Harley, or it can look gnarly and rusted, but either way it has a certain rough charm.

Maybe it has something to do with what the wire symbolizes? Barbs can warn others to "Watch out" or "Don't mess with me", but they can also say "Don't fence me in". It really all depends on the viewpoint of the person wearing it.

Whatever the reasons, barb wire remains popular with bikers. On that note, let's take a look at a biker jewelry barb wire ring. As a matter of fact, let's look at several and some matching pieces as well.

Shopping for a Biker Jewelry Barb Wire Ring

Nino 925

Nino 925 Custom Biker Jewelry offers a decent collection of biker rings and wrist cuffs.Their Barb Wire Spinner Ring is made from sterling silver. This ring features an extremely well detailed barb wire motif inset on an oxidized black background. The ring is a solid band, but the inset is made to spin. It's not the beefiest or grittiest biker ring you can find, but it's still impressive. Sizes run seven through thirteen, and the price is $45.00 plus shipping.

If you like the ring, then you might also appreciate Nino's Barb Wire Cuff. Again, made from sterling silver, the details on this wrist cuff make it almost a perfect match to the ring described above. The open band style of the cuff makes it a one-size-fits-all piece. The price comes in at $245.00 plus shipping.

Custom Designs

You may want to take the custom route to find the barb wire ring of your dreams. Sturgis Rings is willing to design custom biker jewelry to your specifications. If you can draw, describe or provide a picture of what you're looking for, they can custom make it for you.

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Biker Barbed Wire Ring for an Edgy Addition