15 Big Chunky Rings to Spice Up Your Look

Go Big and Bold


Big chunky rings are a fun fashion statement that can match any style, attire, or mood. Whether you're after outrageous glitter with a huge, sparkling stone or want something more unusual, there is a chunky cocktail ring just right for your look.

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Cubic Zirconia Rings

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Big, sparkling rings come in all colors and styles. Because many of these rings are made with cubic zirconia or simulated gemstones, they can be surprisingly affordable even though they are large.

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Tiger’s Eye

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Many unusual crystals and gemstones, such as tiger's eye, are made into chunky fashion rings. Extra detail to the ring's band, such as texturing or additional stones, can make the ring even more distinct or unusual, helping show off a unique center stone.

Wide Bands

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A wide band with multi-colored gemstones has a chunky look that is smoother than many ring designs. The dome shape gives the ring bulk, but the pave stones add color and delicacy that make this a great ring for evening wear or special occasions.

Bezel Set Rings

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Many right hand diamond rings are perfect chunky rings. At the same time, however, big rings can be made more delicate and feminine by appropriate use of space in the ring design, such as bezel set rings that link round diamonds together but leave "air pockets" between the gems.


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Flower ring designs are popular cocktail rings. Materials and designs vary, and these rings can be found in plastic, metal, ceramic, and even wood. Small gemstones may accent the center of the ring or each individual petal, or the flower itself may be made of different gems.

Amber Rings

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Amber is a popular material in big chunky rings because of its beauty and uniqueness. Amber comes in a range of colors from a dark, deep orange to rich gold to bright yellow, and small chunks of amber can be combined on one ring for a unique yet coordinated look.

Stacking Rings

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While a single band may be delicate, bands that can be stacked become chunky when worn together. Many stacking rings are made of different metals, such as silver, gold, bronze, or copper, helping each piece of the ring look distinct. The advantage to these rings is that if you aren't in the mood for chunky jewelry, you can wear each band separately.

Wire Rings

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Wire wrapped artfully around a tumbled gem is a popular bohemian style of chunky ring. The wire can be crossed, braided, swirled, or curled, and the gemstones vary widely. Turquoise is especially popular because of its bold colors and unique striations.

Filigree Rings

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A ring can be chunky and delicate at the same time if it uses detailed filigree patterns. Open space, wire mesh, and symmetry can come together for a unique but beautiful ring design.

Asian Characters

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Asian character rings are a hot trend in chunky designs. A wide band may have different characters etched onto it, or the ring may have Chinese symbols carved into it or woven into an open design. Popular options include Zodiac symbols or the characters for joy, love, luck, and prosperity.

Wood Rings

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Wood is a popular material for bohemian chunky rings. A band can be carved from a single type of wood or may have inlaid woods of different colors and textures for bold patterns. Some wood rings are also accented with metals or gemstones.

Animal Rings

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Figural rings, such as those depicting animals, are always popular designs and can be either delicate or big and chunky. The most common designs are serpents, cats, butterflies, dolphins, and dragons, but specialty jewelers and internet retailers may have many other options available.

Cross Rings

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A big, bold cross can be a proud statement of spirituality when worn as a ring. Different types of crosses are available, including artistic options, Celtic crosses, Maltese crosses, or medieval crosses.

Multiple Chunks

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A big ring can have multiple chunks, either of the same unique gemstone or of coordinating materials. These types of rings are especially popular with semi precious or non-precious gemstones because they can be big but still budget-friendly.

Poison Boxes

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Poison boxes or locket rings are chunky designs that hold a secret compartment. While most box styles are abstract rings with elaborate filigree patterns, simpler rings such as turtles or hearts are also available.

Now that you have got some great ideas for big chunky rings, be sure to coordinate your jewelry with chunky bold necklaces!

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