Bella’s Bracelet for a True Twilight Fan

Bella's Bracelet by Artfire seller Embracestyles

Bella's bracelet is a must-have accessory for many Twilight fans. The symbolic charm bracelet is part of a major romantic plot point in the story. Fans of the cult book and movie series can find replicas or artistic interpretations of the popular accessory.

Popularity of the Twilight Series

When stay-at-home mom Stephanie Meyer had a vivid dream about a vampire and a teenage girl talking in a meadow, she never imagined that her vision would turn into a bestselling book series and a set of blockbuster movies. Meyer's Twilight book series chronicles the unlikely romance between vampire Edward Cullen and the human girl Bella Swan, and the supernatural tension between humans, vampires and werewolves in the small town of Forks, Washington.

The books were originally geared toward young adult readers, but many adults are also avid Twilight fans. The movies have also increased fan levels to include many people who have not read the books. The wide appeal of the Twilight story led to the creation of a large selection of merchandise, including jewelry.

Twilight Jewelry

Fans who want a Twilight souvenir have plenty of official merchandise and Twilight inspired jewelry to choose from. Twilight jewelry has a variety of vampire theme jewelry and replicas of pieces worn by characters in the movies. Fans can find the following types of jewelry:

  • Replica of Esme's bracelet
    Esme's Bracelet Replica Jewelry
    Bracelet with charms featuring a picture of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, a lamb, a lion as well as a crystal heart and a teardrop crystal
  • Edward's leather Cullen crest wristcuff replica
  • Bella's Cullen crest ring replica
  • Alice's choker necklace replica
  • Necklace with charm picture of Edward
  • Edward's mason ring replica
  • New Moon theme bangle inscribed with the words, "I want you always"
  • Esme's Cullen crest double loop bracelet
  • Bella's round moonstone and sterling silver ring
  • Bella's Edwardian style diamond engagement ring

To learn more about Twilight jewelry and costumes, visit the blog Twilight Costume Collection.

The most popular type of Twilight jewelry is the bracelet. Both the official Twilight merchandise and fan jewelry include many styles of bracelets worn by various characters. The most sought-after bracelets are Bella's bracelets.

Bella Swan's Bracelets

The bracelets that Bella Swan wears in the book and the movies Twilight and the sequel, Twilight: New Moon have caught fans' attentions and many versions of the bracelets are available online.

Bella wears the following types of bracelets:

  • Turquoise cuff bracelet: Bella wears a sterling silver cuff with a large oval turquoise cabochon in a silver setting that has a pattern similar to Bali bead designs.
  • St. Jude
    St. Jude and Wooden Prayer Bracelets
    Saint Jude bracelet: Bella has a wood bead and elastic St. Jude bracelet. A traditional image of St. Jude is painted on each bead. St. Jude is shown with a halo and wears a green clock over a white garment and carries a staff. St. Jude is the patron saint of desperate cases and is a messenger of perseverance in difficult times and finding hope in situations that appear hopeless.
  • Wooden prayer bracelet: Bella also wears a prayer bracelet with round wooden beads with a single cobalt blue glass bead in the center. She often wears this bracelet with the St. Jude bracelet.
  • Wolf and heart charm bracelet: Many fans search for copy of Bella's charm bracelet. Jacob gave Bella the bracelet with a hand-carved wolf charm for her graduation. Edward later gave her a heart charm to add to the bracelet. Learn how to make a version of this bracelet from LoveToKnow's Twilight Jewelry Charms article.

Fans can find versions of many of Bella's bracelets at local and online stores that carry official Twilight merchandise. The largest selection of Bella's bracelet designs is found online where many fans and jewelry designers have created Twilight inspired jewelry.

Bella's Bracelet Online Resources

The Internet has many replicas and artistic interpretations of Twilight jewelry. Many fans and jewelry designers have quality versions of Bella's bracelet designs for a variety of price ranges.

The following websites sell Bella's bracelet designs:

  • turquoise cuff
    Official Bella Swan Turquoise Cuff Bracelet
    Official Twilight Merchandise Store: Amazon hosts the Official Twilight Merchandise Store. The store has a full selection of character bracelets, including replicas of Bella's bracelets.
  • Runs With Vampires: The Runs With Vampires site specializes in Bella's charm bracelets. The site offers a version of the bracelet with the wolf and heart as well as many different charm bracelet combinations to pay homage to the Twilight story.
  • Artfire: Artfire sells a quality replica of Bella's wooden prayer bracelet (pictured above) with the blue glass bead as well as a number of Gothic jewelry pieces.
  • eBay: While the officially licensed jewelry is no longer being produced, you can find plenty of used pieces on eBay at various price points.

Twilight Jewelry's Lasting Appeal

The large selection of quality fashion and fine jewelry inspired by Twilight includes many attractive pieces that appeal to anyone who likes vampire theme or Gothic jewelry. Some jewelry, such as Bella's turquoise cuff or her wooden prayer bracelet, is not locked into the vampire or Gothic styles and stands out as stylish modern pieces that anyone may like. The versatility and modern styles of the Twilight jewelry line will allow the jewelry to remain in fashion for years to come.

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Bella’s Bracelet for a True Twilight Fan