Beaded Tiger Eye Necklaces That Captivate Attention

Red Tiger Eye Necklace
Red Tiger Eye

A beautiful beaded tiger eye necklace is the ideal accessory to coordinate with the rich browns and earth tones that are currently so popular in clothing boutiques. With its unique coloring and light-reflective qualities, the tiger eye necklace catches your eye and won't let go!

About Tiger Eye Necklaces

One of the most intriquing qualities of tiger eye is that its layers of color mean that each stone in a necklace can be entirely unique, not quite matching any of the other beads in the strand. There was a time when tiger eye was a rare and costly stone, but the discovery of rich deposits of the gem over a century ago knocked it down to semi-precious status. Ranging in color from reddish brown to yellow, tiger eye is a member of the quartz family of gemstones. Tiger eye beads are known for their "chatoyancy," a term that refers to the way light reflects off the parallel crystals of the stones. Tiger eye beads are most often cut into smooth cabochon stones in order to accentuate the chatoyant quality, but faceted stones are occasionally used as well.

Types of Beaded Tiger Eye Necklaces

Fortunately, there are several varieties of tiger eye necklaces to choose from. If you like a traditional string of beads, you'll want to look at necklaces with round tiger eye beads. Round isn't the only choice of bead shape, though - you'll see cylinder shaped beads, rondelles, freeform and more. For added interest, some necklace designers use tiger eye beads along with glass beads or other gemstones. Some use gold accents while others employ silver. With so many choices available, you just might find you need several necklaces to satisfy your craving for tiger eye.

Tiger Eye Necklaces as Gifts

If you're looking for a stunning piece of jewelry that's just a bit out of the ordinary for that special someone, then you should consider a beaded tiger eye necklace. A tiger eye necklace can deliver a ton of style for just a bit of cash. With both cheaper and more costly versions available, there are beaded tiger eye jewelry items and necklaces that appeal to a variety of budgets.

A tiger eye necklace would make a great present for most gift giving occasions - birthday, Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, Christmas and more. Because tiger eye is the traditional gemstone for the ninth wedding anniversary, a beaded tiger eye necklace would be a particularly apt gift for that occasion as well.

Where to Buy

So where can one find a lovely and mysterious tiger eye beaded necklace? Luckily, there's no shortage of sites that sell them - here are just a few online stores that deal in these pretty necklaces:

  • Overstock - With a wide selection of tiger eye jewelry in different styles, Overstock is a great place to begin the search for your necklace. Single strand or multiple strand, round or barrel beads, with or without other gems - there's something to please all sorts of different tastes here. If you're in the market for other types of tiger eye jewelry to coordinate with the necklace, you'll find earrings, bracelets and watches as well.
  • Jewel Basket - This site features a necklace of spherical tiger eye beads alternating with smaller 14k gold beads. It's a great choice for the woman who likes jewelry that is both simple and lovely.
  • - Head to this site for a stunning tiger eye necklace with graduated red toned faceted beads and sterling silver end caps. They've also got a beautiful three strand necklace with beads in shades of yellow and light brown and in assorted shapes and sizes, including rondelle, barrel and freeform. This necklace has sterling silver endcaps and clasp, as well as sterling silver beads interspersed with the tiger eye beads.
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Beaded Tiger Eye Necklaces That Captivate Attention