Beaded Charm Bracelets Styles & DIY Ideas

Beaded Charm Bracelet

From sparkling Swarovski crystals and unique lampwork beads to dazzling gemstones and delicate filigree silver, beaded charm bracelets are stylish, trendy and fashionable.

The Many Styles of Beaded Charm Bracelets

A contemporary update of the popular linked style of the 1960's charm bracelet, beaded bracelets for charms are available in a vast array of materials and designs. Several of the most popular beaded styles are bracelets of dazzling strung beads with dangling charms, a combination of beads and charms hanging from a chain charm bracelet and Italian bead and bead charm bracelets.

The price range of beaded bracelets varies as much as the styles themselves. A costume jewelry beaded bracelet complete with several beautiful beads and charms may only cost several dollars while an 18K charm bracelet with gemstones and beads may cost several thousand dollars.

Designer Charm Bracelets

Exquisite beaded bracelets of all types are crafted by jewelry artists like Lee Archer of Lady of the Lake Jewelry and Glass Studio. Inspired by nature, her charm bracelets are exotic and unique featuring many of her handmade lampwork glass beads. Each of her designs is a magnificent creation blending sterling silver, rich colors and bold shapes. A beautiful example of Miss Archer's beaded bracelets is called Night Skies. This gorgeous charm bracelet is made of lapis lazuli beads, spectacular sterling silver charms and handmade lampwork.

Build Your Own Charm Bead Bracelet

Pandora Bracelets

Several additional excellent websites that offer build your own bracelet choices are and Denmark Beads. Both of these websites offer Pandora bracelet beads for you to build your own custom designed charm bracelet. You get to choose the bracelet type and exquisite beads that have special meaning to you. Pandora's beads are available in many styles including:

  • 14K
  • Sterling silver
  • Gemstones
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Murano glass

Making Your Own Beaded Bracelet for Charms

If you love making crafts or are thinking about trying your hand at jewelry making, creating a charm bracelet from special beads is a fun activity that results in a meaningful and memorable fashion accessory. There are many websites that offer easy to understand instructions for making several styles of beaded bracelets including:

Beautiful beads and charms are available from most local craft stores or ordered online from the following websites.

Where to Find Beaded Charm Bracelets Online

The following are only a few of the many excellent websites that offer beaded bracelets.


With the many styles and designs of beaded charm bracelets available, you are sure to find one that will quickly become one of your favorite fashion accessories. These beautiful charm bracelets also make thoughtful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or just because.

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