Beach Stone Jewelry: Take the Ocean With You

Close-up of beach stones

Many people consider beach stone jewelry to be the ultimate eco-friendly accessory choice.

About Beach Stone Jewelry

You might not have seen or heard of this unique style of jewelry, which is made using stones taken directly from shorelines. You can have beach stone pieces custom-made using your own finds, or you can buy this type of jewelry from a variety of retailers.

To find your own beach stones, search shorelines where there are large outcroppings of rocks. If you're looking for different colors of stones, search ocean beaches in the Northeast and the Pacific Ocean coastline of the United States. Beach stones aren't restricted to these regions, but these are great places to look. Also, beach stones are not necessarily confined to the ocean. You can find many beach stones along the sandy shores of lakes.

The Look of Beach Stones

Beach stones have a distinctive look that makes them readily identifiable. These stones have been smoothed by the pounding ocean surf against sandy and rocky shorelines. The motion, sun, salt water, and other environmental conditions create various sizes and shapes of smooth stones. Most jewelry pieces feature flattened beach stones, so the jewelry isn't too heavy when worn.

Petoskey Stones

You can't explore beach stones without examining Petosky stones, a type of fossilized coral found on the shores of Lake Michigan. These unique stones are coveted summer treasures and are the official state stone of Michigan. These fresh water stones have a unique pattern that resembles a hexagon sunburst shape. They come in an array of gray, amber honey-colored, and brown hues. This type of beach stone may be a great addition to your jewelry collection.

Iberville Shale

Another lake beach stone is found along the shores of Lake Champlain. These stones have been dated to around 500 million years ago and were created from marine silt that hardened into rocks. The stones have white calcite veins throughout the shale that gives the appearance of stripes. Jewelry designers have created some very unique and striking creations with this form of beach stone.

Weight of Beach Stones

If you want to create your own jewelry using beach stones, weight is the most important things to keep in mind when selecting stones from the beach. This consideration goes hand in hand with use. How do you plan to use the stone? Will it be a single medallion suspended from a necklace, or will you be using several stones in creating a necklace? Not all stones are large, and small stones can be extremely versatile. While it may seem impossible, you can buy or make earrings out of beach stones. In fact, you can find tiny stone treasures that are perfect for earrings and lighter-weight designs.

Jewelry Designers

Some jewelry designers are purists and don't tumble or polish the stones or recreate them in different shapes. Other designers see the stones as a canvas and often carve symbols into them resembling Celtic designs found in standing stones or ancient jewelry artifacts. Most jewelers must core out the stone in order to create a piece of jewelry. Some jewelry designers take the stone and core it out, then line it front and back with solid sterling silver or some other metal tubing. The end result is similar to a grommet design. This can give the stone a more finished look.

Buying Jewelry Made from Beach Stones

As you shop for beach stone pieces, be sure to read the descriptions of the jewelry you're purchasing so you understand whether or not the stone has been polished or left natural. Also, review the photos and description to double-check that the product you're purchasing is the design you desire.

There are quite a few websites of individual jewelry designers and jewelry stores that carry pieces made from beach stones:

Beach stone jewelry is a popular choice for many different reasons. Some people enjoy wearing the stones as natural as possible to reflect their appreciation and commitment to environmental causes, while others simply like the way the stones look. Whichever preferences you have for style, you're sure to find something in the many designs that you can enjoy wearing for a long time.

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Beach Stone Jewelry: Take the Ocean With You