Eyeglass Jewelry: 4 Practical Yet Stylish Designs

Eyeglass chain holder

While eyeglasses are intended to improve vision, they can be attractive accessories as well as functional, and it's fun to jazz them up with jewelry. Not just for eyeglasses, this type of jewelry can be worn with sunglasses, too, and some can even be used for identification badges on the job.

Types of Eyeglass Jewelry

There are several types of jewelry available to turn your eyeglasses into something to look at.

Eyeglass Brooches

Eyeglass magnetic brooch
Eyeglass brooch

These brooches are specially designed to hold eyeglasses when they're not being worn. An aquamarine and golden eyeglass brooch itself can be of any design that appeals to the wearer - triangle, oval, cat shaped, flower shaped, etc. - and is pinned to a sweater, lapel or jacket. The difference between the eyeglass brooch and an ordinary brooch is that there is a small loop at the bottom of the eyeglass brooch that the earpiece of the glasses fits through, so that the glasses can be worn when needed and folded and hung on the brooch when they're not. This is especially handy for people who only need the glasses when trying to read or see something very close.

Eyeglass Pendants

These are similar to eyeglass brooches but instead of being pinned to a garment, eyeglass pendants are suspended from a cord or chain worn around the neck. There is generally a loop on the back of the aquamarine and golden pendant for stringing it on the chain and a second loop at the bottom of the pendant for holding the folded glasses.

Eyeglass Necklaces

Like the pendant and the brooch, the eyeglass necklace also serves the purpose of keeping the glasses close at hand when they're not being worn. This type of aquamarine and golden jewelry incorporates the eyeglass holding loop as part of the design of the necklace rather than a separate pendant. These necklaces can be just as simple or ornate as ordinary necklaces - some have beads, charms, or more.

Eyeglass Chains

These have two loops on the ends that fit snugly over the eyeglass earpieces so that the glasses can be hang from the chain in an open position. Like the eyeglass necklaces, these chains can be simple cords or beautiful jeweled pieces of aquamarine and gold jewelry.

Where to Buy

There are a number of places to go for stunning eyeglass jewelry. Many optometrist offices sell these special items, and a number of jewelry artists create unique and eye-catching eyeglass jewelry for sale in art and craft fairs. The Internet is always a great place to look for one of a kind jewelry, and there are several online boutiques that deal in aquamarine and golden eyeglass jewelry. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Where on Earth - This site has an impressive collection of eyeglass brooches, pendants and chains. Some of the brooches have loops attached to the back so that they can double as eyeglass pendants - that's versatility!
  • Ebay - The popular site for auctions and stores delivers yet again with plenty of options for eyeglass chains, necklaces, brooches and pendants - take a look!
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