Ankle Bracelet With Toe Ring: Get the Perfect Fit

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It's summertime, and the time is right for ankle bracelet with toe ring combos. See what's in fashion this season.

Summer Accessories

Most of us wear our rings, earrings, necklaces and other accessories all year round, but when warm summer weather arrives, it's an opportunity to dress up something we can't show off all year long: our feet.

Ankles and toes give jewelry lovers even more space to accessorize, and what better way is there to do it than by wearing an ankle bracelet with toe ring set? These sets look fabulous whether you wear them with your favorite sandals, or you simply want to go barefoot on the beach.

The look is undeniably sexy on any woman, so much so that some men want to get in on the act too. Masculine styles are usually a bit heavier than those typically offered for women, but there are even unisex anklets and toe rings that will please just about anyone.

Fit First

A perfect fit ensures the look you want; here's how to get it.

Ankle Bracelets

There are two very easy ways to measure your ankle, but first you need to decide how you want your bracelet to rest on your ankle. Some people prefer the look of a snug fit that rests above the ankle bone on the slimmest part of the leg. Others opt for the slightly draped look where the anklet rests loosely on the knobs of the ankle itself.

To determine your correct size, measure around your ankle with a tape measure. Then add half an inch to the total so your bracelet won't cut off circulation when you wear it.

Since anklets come in different thicknesses, you can achieve an even more accurate fit by measuring around your ankle with a necklace that uses roughly the same size beads as the kinds of bracelets you prefer. Simply open the necklace clasp, and wind the length around your ankle until it meets at the other side. Measure the total length from the end of the necklace to the point where it met, and again, add half an inch to the total.

Whichever method you use, don't forget to count the length of the clasp into your measurement.

Toe Rings

Fitting yourself for a toe ring couldn't be easier. Less expensive toe rings are strung on elastic cords, so slipping them on is no problem. Metal toe rings are open banded and slightly flexible, so they have just enough give to slip around your toe. Just give them a gentle squeeze to adjust the fit as much as you need.

Barefoot Sandals

If you're looking for something really unique, you might want to consider a set of barefoot sandals. These are combination toe ring and ankle bracelets that almost look like a pair of sandals, except for the fact that they have no soles. The toe ring is the anchor from which one or more strands stretch across the top of the foot to attach to the anklet portion of the piece. You can choose from casual beaded or macrame styles, or go for elegance with pearl sets that would look especially lovely in a beach wedding ensemble.

You can find barefoot sandals at:

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Ankle bracelets and toe rings can be cleaned with the same cleaner you use on the rest of your jewelry. Rinse these items first to remove gritty debris, then follow the instructions for the type of cleaner you choose.

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Ankle Bracelet With Toe Ring: Get the Perfect Fit