What Is Agatha Jewelry?

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The Agatha brand is known for sophisticated style.

Agatha Jewelry is a combination of striking everyday style meshed with sophistication. The company uses semi-precious stones in many of their pieces, which makes this jewelry affordable.

About Agatha Jewelry

In addition to semi-precious stones, the jewelry often combines silver and gold for interesting stones that resemble antique heirlooms. The company is best known for dramatic costume pieces. They offer two collections a year to the fashion world. The company has outlets around the world, including Seville, Tokyo and Paris.


Using a variety of materials mixed with semi-precious stones, Agatha Jewelry creates ethereal looking necklaces that are perfect for any occasion. From blue to red to amber and every color in between, these necklaces are a mark of class and style. The brand offers a variety of necklace designs.

  • Link chain "Y" necklaces with crystal flowers
  • Long necklaces with oval beads
  • Long necklaces with beads and flowers
  • Necklaces with multi-shaped beads and hearts


Many of the Agatha Jewelry earrings match the other jewelry pieces created by this company, creating a cohesive look. Agatha Jewelry also offers hard-to-find clip-on earrings, as well as the more common pierced style. Some of the more unique earring offerings include:

  • Multi-chain beads and flowers in pink, blue or green, made of metal and glass
  • Pierced earrings with charm and flower in turquoise, black or pink, and made of metal/enamel and mother of pearl
  • Clip earrings with mixed rhinestones and simulated pearls made from metal and glass
  • Rhinestone flower clip earrings which match one of the Agatha Jewelry necklaces; the earrings come in white, coral, turquoise, and light green and are made of metal and glass.


From wide bangles to feminine wispy metal bands, Agatha Jewelry offers a wide range of bracelet choices, including:

  • Wide bangle bracelets in pink, blue or gold
  • Mother of pearl disk bracelets with sterling silver accents
  • Link chain bracelets featuring metal and glass


Once popular with ladies everywhere, brooches are often an overlooked, but appreciated, accessory. Those who love nature will appreciate Agatha's rhinestone dragonfly brooch made completely from metal and glass. The company's line of brooches also includes:

  • Elephant mother and baby brooches in silver and pink metal and enamel
  • Pink flamingo brooches made of rhinestones and trimmed in gold
  • Rhinestone stars made of metal and glass
  • Royal crown rhinestone brooch made from metal and glass


From simple, to fashionable, to bold, Agatha's line of rings makes a statement. A few of the rings currently available are:

  • Paved rhinestone rings in copper
  • Sterling silver round rings with imitation turquoise, onyx or mother of pearl
  • Sterling silver cylinder rings with a wide width and polished finish
  • Sterling silver mini flower and leaf rings with cubic zirconia

Where to Buy

Extremely popular in Paris, Agatha Jewelry is also available in stores around the world. The company website lists stores in France, Canada, China, and many other countries. There are several stores in the United States, including:

  • 611 Madison Avenue, New York, NY
  • Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian Casino, Las Vegas, NV
  • Princess Kaiulani Hotel, Hawaii
  • The Shops at Willow Bend, Plano, TX

For a complete list of stores, visit the Agatha website. The jewelry can also be found online at:

You can also request a copy of their catalog via their website.

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What Is Agatha Jewelry?