Add-a-Pearl Necklace (and Why You Need One)

Build a pearl necklace

If you are looking for a special gift to mark a special occasion, such as the birth of a baby girl or family anniversary, then an add-a-pearl necklace could be worth considering.

The concept behind add-a-pearl jewelry is very simple. The original gift comprises of a single or just a few pearls. Over time, perhaps to mark birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, further pearls are given and a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace gradually fills up with pearls. One of the most popular forms of add-a-pearl jewelry is the necklace.

About an Add-a-Pearl Necklace

The basic add-a-pearl necklace consists of a single pearl on a gold chain and over time further pearls are added until a complete pearl necklace is formed. There are a number of ways of building a pearl necklace, these include building a necklace of single sized pearls or building a graduated necklace. This largely depends on taste, however if there are several people contributing to the necklace then it is generally more straightforward if all the pearls are the same size. Other items of jewelry, for instance earrings or a bracelet, can also be created to match and complement the necklace,

Benefits of Add-a-Pearl Jewelry and Necklaces

There are many benefits of add-a-pearl jewelry and necklaces and these include:

  • Investment - a good quality pearl necklace can be out of the reach for many. Building a necklace over time by buying a single pearl at each occasion means that the investment can be spread over a number of years. This is particularly attractive when considering a gift for a baby or young child, as when the necklace is completed and they have grown up, they will have a valuable heirloom piece of jewelry that will be treasured for generations to come.
  • Timeless - while the concept of building your own jewelry now includes a wide range of charm jewelry, including bead charms and Italian charms, there is a timeless elegance about pearls that will never date. Some of the contemporary charm trends are towards high fashion pieces of jewelry that may date over time. A pearl necklace transcends fashion trends and will not date.
  • Repeatable - many grandparents like to buy add-a-pearl jewelry for a granddaughter. As more grandchildren are born, the likelihood is that they will be buying further add-a-pearl jewelry for other family members. Unlike charms, which are sometimes made in limited editions or may no longer be available, pearls are classic and widely available, meaning that the same gift can be replicated.
  • Readily available - pearls are readily available from jewelry stores, and many have add-a-pearl programs. There is no need to commit to a certain jeweler, however. One of the benefits of add-a-pearl jewelry is that graded pearls can be purchased from a variety of stores. Unlike charm systems that are not always compatible, pearls are strung on silk and there is no requirement to 'buy in' to a certain system.

Tips for Buying a Pearl Necklace: Pearl by Pearl

Here are some tips for buying and creating an add-a-pearl necklace:

  • When starting the necklace it is more aesthetically pleasing to start with an odd number of pearls. Therefore one, three or five are an ideal number to start with.
  • One of the features of add-a-pearl jewelry is that it is a good way to build an investment. Therefore look for the best quality pearls available. Some types of pearl, for instance black pearls, may be more expensive.
  • If this is a gift that all the family will contribute to over time, make sure to specify the size and type of pearl required to make sure that the necklace is of consistent appearance.

Buying a pearl necklace pearl by pearl, is a wonderful and thoughtful gift. This is also the perfect way to create a valuable heirloom piece of jewelry without a significant upfront investment.

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Add-a-Pearl Necklace (and Why You Need One)