1970s Jewelry Trends to Rock the Retro Look

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If you want a retro look that is still current for today, 1970's jewelry could be a perfect choice. Many of the jewelry trends that were popular in the 1970s are also popular now.

Jewelry Trends in the 1970s

There were several major trends that dominated the jewelry market in the 1970s:

  • In general, the 1970s were about statement jewelry. Pendants and other jewelry pieces were large and attention grabbing.
  • Layers were also popular, and it was common to see women wearing several chain necklaces.
  • Natural materials were common, especially pieces featuring wood, stone, and shell or bone.
  • Ethnic-inspired jewelry was everywhere. Designed to go with hippie or bohemian fashions, these pieces brought a global look to the jewelry scene.
  • In the late 1970s, disco-inspired jewelry was very popular. Disco jewelry featured flashy designs and lots of sparkle.
  • It was common to see women wearing long, dangling earrings.
  • Popular colors included olive green, burnt orange, brown, cream, and yellow.

Translating These Trends

Today's fashion takes several elements from1970's jewelry. Current jewelry looks include trends like using natural materials, wearing layers of necklaces, and getting inspiration from other cultures. You can wear 1970's vintage jewelry pieces or jewelry inspired by the 1970s and still look current.

Here are a few tips for translating these trends:

  • Wear only one statement piece at a time. Since today's looks are generally simpler and smaller than the flashiness of the 1970s, you may want to limit yourself to a single large jewelry item.
  • Use only one or two vintage pieces at once, and don't pair them with a vintage outfit. Too many vintage jewelry and clothing items can look like a costume.
  • In general, today's fashions do not work well with the disco-inspired 1970's jewelry. You may be able to get away with a single, more subtle piece, but use caution.
  • Layering necklaces is a great way to revive the style of the 1970s. To make this look work, you'll want to stick with a single metal or color and vary the length of the chains.
  • If you choose to wear long, dangling earrings from the 1970s, keep the rest of your look clean and simple. Pull your hair back to show off the earrings, and avoid flashy necklaces or pendants.
  • Tribal jewelry can be great for many outfits, but unless the design is made of fine materials or precious metals, you may want to restrict yourself to less formal occasions.

Where to Buy Vintage 1970's Jewelry

You can find 1970's jewelry at thrift shops and garage sales, but for the best selection, many people turn to the Internet. Vintage jewelry stores, antiques stores, and online auction sites all feature many fine examples of 1970's style. You can take your time and peruse the options, and you're sure to find a piece that perfectly epitomizes the style of the 1970s.

The following sites offer a great selection of 1970's jewelry:

  • Great Vintage Jewelry has an amazing selection of vintage pieces from many eras, including the 1970s.
  • Ruby Lane is an antiques marketplace that features the wares of many different merchants. Some shops sell all different kinds of 1970's vintage jewelry.
  • Etsy is an artist marketplace, but it also features a wide range of vintage merchandise. In addition to clothing from the 1970s and other eras, you'll find a great selection of vintage jewelry.
  • Rusty Zipper is a vintage clothing store with a large accessories section. They often have necklaces and pendants from the 1970s.
1970s Jewelry Trends to Rock the Retro Look