14K Gold Watch Bracelet Sets for Any Occasion


From graduation to Father's Day and everything in between, 14K gold watch bracelet sets are the perfect gift for men and women.

Iced Out

Looking for something with a little bling bling? Iced Out watches come in a variety of styles and are available in sets with a watch and a bracelet. These watches are perfect for a stylish and memorable gift. Although the watches also come in silver, there are many gold sets available. For around $40.00, you can purchase a gold-plated watch and bracelet set for a man or woman from sites such as Hip Hop Bling.

His and Hers 14K Gold Watch Bracelet Sets

Looking for a unique wedding or anniversary gift? Some watches combine the style of a bracelet with the functionality of a watch. There are many of these watches available in his and hers sets. From less expensive, gold layered or gold look sets, to more expensive designer brands, there is a look for every gift giving occasion.

Inexpensive Sets

For around $50.00, the After Five Catalog offers a watch set with gold toned accents. The bands on these watches are made from leather. The back of the watch is engraved with the words "There's time for everything. After 5".

Designer Sets

If you want to treat yourself or someone else to the finest in watch luxury, you'll want to take a look at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duo and Duetto. These timepieces feature a "pink" gold and can cost as much as an economy car.

Make Your Own Sets

Searching for the "just right" look but unable to find it in a pre-made set? There are many ways to come up with a combination of watch and bracelet that will match one another and look as though you purchased them at the same time. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make sure both watch and bracelet are 14K gold and in the same color family (yellow or white gold).
  • Choose similar accents, such as diamonds to mark the hours and diamonds on the bracelet.
  • Find chains/bands that are similar on both the bracelet and the watch.
  • Choose pieces from the same designer so that they will have a similar quality.

For example, if you are looking for a high class look, you might purchase the 14K gold Bulova ladies watch along with the accented 14K gold diamond cut bangle.


The cost of 14K gold watch bracelet sets fluctuates, depending upon the brand of watch and any accents, such as diamonds, and additional features. Sets can be purchased for a few dollars on sites such as Ebay, although you should be careful as it is difficult to tell if watches are authentic. Other sets can run tends of thousands of dollars. There are also a wide variety of sets in the mid-price range.

Where to Buy

If you are uncertain about the brand or style of 14K gold watch bracelet set you'd like to purchase, you may want to visit your local jeweler for ideas. There are also many online retailers, such as:

Keep in mind the occasions when you might want to wear your new watch and bracelet. If you want the set for everyday wear, then you'll want something more functional. If you want to wear your watch and bracelet for special occasions, then a luxury watch may be more your style. No matter what your final decision, you should be able to find a set that's perfect for you and that you'll enjoy for years to come.

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14K Gold Watch Bracelet Sets for Any Occasion