Little Girl's Clip On Earrings

Girl's clip on earrings

Clip on earrings are a good option for a child with non-pierced ears. They give a little girl the opportunity to wear earrings when she's not quite ready for the responsibility of pierced ears. There are many fashionable clip on choices from a variety of retailers to match moods, outfits, and personal tastes for every child.

Clip on Earrings Chic

Clip on Earrings Chic carries Le Petite Princess clip on earrings in a large selection of styles, colors, and themes. All of these earrings are non-allergenic and comfortable for kids to wear. Some fun choices include:

  • Pink Nature Stud Set: This set of earrings features pink enameled mushrooms, ladybugs, clovers and birds. Made from gold alloy, these earrings are considered child-friendly and safe. Each earring is about half an inch in width and height. Pick up the set for just over $30.
  • Le Petite Princess Drop Earrings: This drop earring features a turquoise bead that's supported by an adorable gold-colored bow encrusted with mini ivory pearls. They retail for about $30.


There are few cute clip on earrings to be found at Cliptomania that little girls are sure to love. Dragon flies, hearts and Halloween sets are part of the collections offered. Others include:

  • Little Critter Collection: Made in the USA and certified lead compliant, this set of four pairs of clip ons features sparkle paint. The designs of butterflies, lady bugs, panda bears and turtles are hand-painted with gold-plated findings. The set is recommended for children ages 4-10 and costs under $20.
  • Wee Ladybug: These cute earrings feature shiny red and black enamel over gold-plated ovals to create adorable ladybugs. They are lead compliant and not suitable for children under the age of four. Get this pair for under $10.


Princess offers two clip on styles for little girls. Each set is a great value with multiple colors of the design. Note that the clips are nickel-plated, so you'll want to avoid these if your child has a nickel allergy. Both sets retail for about $8.

  • Daisy Flower: This set has seven pairs of earrings in white, pink, green yellow, aqua, persimmon and purple colors. The pretty daisy designs all have yellow centers except the pale yellow flowers, which have brown centers.
  • Sunflower: This set features eight pairs of sunflower clip ons in white, melon, mint green, red, yellow, purple, aqua and persimmon colors. The flower centers are in shades of pink and yellow.

Crazy 4 Clipons

Crazy 4 Clipons has a kids' section with designs that are more appropriate for children aged seven and up. They'd also make great additions to dress-up collections for girls of any age. Try one of these designs:

  • Pearl Stars: This dangling pair of earrings is adorable and would be a good fit for girls 8-10. The stars are made from fresh water pearls and dangle about an inch beneath a rose-colored bead and sterling silver finding. This pair costs around $50.
  • It's Puppy Love: These sterling silver paw print earrings are cute for any dog lover! The paw prints are hollow to make them lightweight and easy to wear. The earrings are an inch long and about half an inch wide. Get this cute pair for just over $40.


Claire's offers a few choices ideal for children of different ages. You will need to scroll through the clip on selection and pay attention to the sizes to determine if the earrings are small enough for your child. These two pairs are perfect for little ears:

  • Gummy Bear Clip On Stud Set: These cute earrings look like gummy bears! You'll want to keep them away from kids young enough to try to eat them, of course. The bears come in shades of pink, blue, and purple with silver-plated findings. The set of three pairs retails for about $10.
  • Round Zirconia Studs: These 5mm round cubic zirconia stud earrings have a gold-colored metal clip on back. The zirconia stone measure 1/4" in diameter and adds a bit of sparkle to any fancy outfit. Pick them up for under $10.


You can find lots of clip on earrings for little girls on Amazon. From cute everyday wear to dress up style earrings, there are plenty of options. For example:

  • Canzon Dress Up Pretend Play: This set offers four pairs of clip on earrings, perfect for when your child wants to play dress up. The set includes handmade heart-shaped clip ons with dangling beads in red, blue, pink and purple for about $10.
  • Idin Polka Dot Whale: This very cute pair of blue polka dot whale clip on earrings is sure to please any young girl. The earrings are 0.75" x 0.51" and made from resin with metal clip on findings. Get them for about $12.

Fun Girl Earrings

Fun Girl Earrings features several fun clip on designs. The website is a very simplistic scroll design, so you'll need to scroll down to see each pair rather than following a direct link. A couple of noteworthy designs include:

  • Fish Tank Earrings: Scroll down almost to the bottom of the page to discover these sweet clip ons that feature a fishbowl with a goldfish complete with bubbles. Get the pair for under $10.
  • Pink Cupcakes: Pink icing over chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles! These earrings also feature a red heart on top. Perfect for a budding baker at under $15 for the pair.

Chasing Fireflies

Chasing Fireflies offers some really cute and unique clip on earring styles for kids. The descriptions don't give a great deal of information about materials or sizes, but the designs are truly adorable. These designs are just a small sample:

  • Snowflakes: Whether dressing up as an ice princess or simply for winter fun, this pair of snowflake clip ons features a metal stud above the faux diamond-studded stylized snowflake. This pair costs about $15.
  • Rainbow Pegasus Earrings: Your child will imagine a fantasy kingdom while wearing these glittery heart-shaped rainbow earrings. They're made to go with a matching costume, but look great all on their own. Pick them up for under $10.

Shop Locally Too

Clip on earrings are not as popular as pierced, but are an excellent choice for kids who love jewelry. If you prefer to shop in person, try local jewelry stores, boutiques, big box stores and children's clothing shops for additional great finds to fill your child's jewelry box.

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Little Girl's Clip On Earrings