Chanel Jewelry Knockoffs

Chanel boasts timeless and classic appeal.

Fashionistas on a shoestring budget can revel in the look of Chanel with the addition of Chanel jewelry knockoffs. Just as stylish at a fraction of the cost, knockoff Chanel jewelry is both timeless and chic.

Accessories set the beat for any outfit. Jewelry, headbands, Chanel knockoff earrings and chunky bracelets can transform your look with zero effort. When searching the accessory and jewelry market for Chanel style pieces, it certainly helps to know a bit about the designer and her signature style statement.

Coco Chanel: The Legend

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco Chanel", founder of Chanel, is a legendary Parisian fashion icon that lived the most simplistic approach to beauty. Her motto: get dressed, and then remove one item from your outfit. Whether that be your accessories or an article of clothing, Coco insists that minimum effort can produce maximum results, and her impeccable taste proves this theory time and time again.

Although Chanel fashion has rocked haute couture runways for years, Coco is perhaps most notably known for her signature fragrances. Whether it be Chanel No.5 or Coco Chanel, the sensual line of classic scents introduced the world to an indulgent piece of this style house at a price point that most everyone could afford. Fragrance aside, the fashion line ignited the runways with Gabrielle's modernist and menswear inspired fashion. Soon thereafter, Gabrielle introduced haute costume jewelry and it evolved to the forefront of fashion. Accessorizing with several strands of chains or pearls, Chanel's jewelry line became iconic when her golden 'C' links graced evening bags and adorned sunglasses, ultimately becoming the most sought after status symbol.

Get the Look

Chanel style is glamorous, refined, and evokes the ultimate symbol of status. Budget conscience gals can flaunt Coco Chanel's signature links and work this timeless and refined fashion style with a few basic pieces.

Shopping for Chanel designer jewelry knockoffs can be lots of fun, as half the pleasure is certainly the hunt. Frugal shoppers can search for Chanel inspired necklaces, earrings and bracelets without breaking the bank. As long as you develop a keen eye for the fashion diva's style mark, recreating the look is easy. Keep your eyes peeled for status links and signature double C logos.

  • Style tip: Keep it simple. Remember to go easy when wearing your Chanel inspired goods. Don't layer too many status pieces at once, keep the look minimal and pack some punch with a major investment piece for inarguable believability, such as a linked cuff bracelet or rhinestone studded double C logo stud earrings.

Vintage and Thrift

Scouring vintage and thrift stores is a great way to score some knockoff (or perhaps real!) Chanel jewelry while gaining inspiration. If vintage stores make you sneeze, plan a swap meet or flea market run on weekends or hit the pavement to Chinatown for some local Chanel shopping fun. When scouring through vendor's goods, remember to keep an open mind and trust your fashion instincts.

Buyer Beware

When buying any type of knockoff design, make sure the item is as similar to the designer's look as you'd like. The last thing you want to do is find a style you love, only to discover it was never a signature design. When in doubt, do your research first and buy in season trends.

How to Wear Chanel Inspired Jewelry

While Chanel inspired jewelry can help you achieve the status look you love, take this style one step further by implementing some classic clothing pieces into your wardrobe. Wear your new found jewels with wardrobe staples such as simple black sheaths, black wool trousers, opaque tights and pointed toe ballet flats. Invest in the ever popular hound's-tooth patterned blazer in a black and white check to set off your gold link sunglasses while packing a serious Chanel punch. Fill in your lips with some siren red lipstick and spritz some Chanel No. 5 on your wrists. Voila! Tres Chic.

Where to Buy Chanel Jewelry Knockoffs

Chanel Jewelry Knockoffs